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Hello and welcome to Mr. Cranwell’s Physical Education page. On this page you can find the different activities and skills that your child will be working on throughout the school year. Please check back often to keep up with the different units as well as to find useful information on fitness, activities, and nutrition.

The goal of the Physical Education Program is to help promote the benefits of being active, fit and healthy. Students will participate in a variety of lessons that are designed to introduce, challenge, refine and develop skills through games, activities and sport situations. Through these experiences the hope is for students to learn and appreciate an active lifestyle that will benefit their educational and personal development.

OCS Physical Education Department Units Covered:

Basic games


Locomotor Movements

Non Locomotor Movements

Manipulative Skills through sports/games



Floor Hockey





Fitness Bootcamps

Nutritional Games/Facts


Balance/Flexibility/Rotation/Traveling Movements

Rhythmic Movement

Tinikling (Ancient Philippines dance)