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"Dear Parents/Guardians of NOCS Students,

Please see the video link below for updated information regarding the "full-in" model that we will be implementing beginning tomorrow, Monday, October 5th. As always, thank you for your support, flexibility, and understanding. We greatly appreciate everything that you do!"

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April 2020

We are launching an Instagram story titled "ocsrocks" to celebrate the teaching and learning that has been occurring in our new eLearning classrooms. Going forward, anyone can contribute pics, videos, and/or messages by emailing them to ocsrocks@oxfordpublicschools.org. The link below can be pasted to google classrooms, bookmarks, and desktops for easy access. You can also follow it with a personal Instagram account. We will update the story on a daily/weekly basis. We hope you enjoy the story and will consider contributing future posts. https://www.instagram.com/ocsrocks

OXFORD CENTER SCHOOL CELEBRATES CHILDREN AND LEARNING. Celebrating children and learning is essential to providing each child with the highest quality of education. This requires strong leadership, parent and community involvement, and commitment to academic excellence.

Our school community needs strong leadership to provide each child with the highest quality of education. The Oxford Center School has many leaders amongst its student, parent, and staff populations. These leaders maintain the integrity of our community’s beliefs and values. They encourage equal participation from all members of the school community in the decision-making process as they provide vision and guidance. The community’s insights, knowledge, and support assist our leaders in making the best decisions. Ultimately, the decisions of the leaders at the Oxford Center School are focused on celebrating children and learning.

The parents and community members of the Oxford Center School advocate for their children. They participate in an ongoing process with teachers and administrators to clearly define the school’s values and beliefs. Our parents and community members also participate in the learning process. The Oxford Center School Community is blessed with a large number of volunteers that assist in the planning and implementation of the numerous and rich educational opportunities that are provided to our students. Oxford Center School’s parents and community members are valuable resources for our children, teachers, and administrators.

Academic excellence is at the core of the high quality education that is provided at Oxford Center School. Our students must master the necessary skills to become successful members of society. Exemplary teaching and the best instructional practices are expected of every teacher. Parental support and reinforcement of learning are encouraged in every home. Students are provided with authentic experiences to use their skills. Authentic experiences provide the meaning, purpose and motivation for learning. Learning must be rewarding for each student. Striving for academic excellence through authentic learning experiences allows the Oxford Center School community to validate and celebrate the learning and success of each child.

Giving each child the highest quality of education requires the Oxford Center School community to work together. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, and others are involved in the education and decision-making processes. Our leaders have the integrity, intellect, and interpersonal skills to facilitate those processes. The result has become academic excellence. Striving for academic excellence allows the Oxford Center School to be a place where the community celebrates children and learning.

Heath Hendershot

School of Distinction