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OCS Students will Learn to-

Access information efficiently and effectively

Evaluate information critically and competently

Pursue information related to interests

Use information accurately and creatively

Participate in group information efforts


Destiny is our online catalog of district books.  You can access it through the Oxford Public Schools Website, under the Resources tab, click Destiny.  You can see what books are available not only at Center School but throughout the district as well.

Destiny Quest

Destiny Quest is much like Destiny with a few added features.  There are book suggestions if you liked a certain book and you can also browse the books on a certain shelf of the library.  To put books on hold (only ones that are currently checked out) students sign in with their lunch numbers as both their username and password.  

Destiny Discover

Destiny Discover  has even more options for you.  It links up with other subscriptions (like FactCite and Britannica School) to give you even more options to gain knowledge on a particular subject.  There are some e-books available here as well! 

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How to Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer in the library, email Mrs. Redfern. You can come in during your child's class or anytime that is convenient for you.